Snipers vs Thieves 2

Title: Snipers vs Thieves 2

Company: Foxglove Studios

Role: Senior Engineer

Platform: Android, iOS

I cover all aspects of development, including gameplay, back-end, UI, and prototyping.

My responsibilities include:

  • Prototype and develop new features and game modes.
  • Implement networking and online features using Photon Networking.
  • Implement UI interfaces and effects in Unity using uGUI.
  • Back-end development using Javascript and TypeScript, Node.js and AWS BeanStalk.
  • Analyse design documents, estimate and create technical specs to deliver new features.
  • Managing game builds for different environments and target platforms using Jenkins, Gradle and Proguard and the App stores.
  • Implementing and maintaining various third-party SDKs and libraries, including Photon Networking, ZenDesk, IronSource ads, AppsFlyer, Facebook SDK, Tapjoy, and the GooglePlay libs.
  • Bug-fixing.

Technologies Used:

  • Unity and C#
  • Photon Unity Networking
  • uGUI
  • Back-end development using Javascript and TypeScript, Node.js, AWS
  • Jenkins, Gradle, Proguard
  • Perforce


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Snipers vs Thieves - iOS Store Page