I'm Attilio, an Engineering Manager and Tech Lead with more than 15 years of experience, ´╗┐mainly in the gaming industry, developing and architecting online games and building the backend and cloud infrastructure to run and operate them.

While making games, I discovered a passion for building robust, scalable and resilient infrastructure that can serve millions of users concurrently. 

I have deep expertise on every aspect of Cloud Infrastructure, including Compute, Data, Security and Administration, as well as extensive experience in full stack programming, both on client and backend side.

Among major achievements, I was the Lead Online Engineer on The Cycle Frontier, an online shooter developer by Yager, administering every aspect of the cloud infrastructure that allowed tens of thousands of players to play together in real-time.


Cloud Skills 1
Cloud Skills 2


I am a certified Cloud Architect and Developer on all major cloud providers, seamlessly working with Azure and AWS, including working on multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

During my career I collected a number of certifications, covering all aspects of Cloud from Administration, Solutions Architecture and Development to Security and Infrastructure as Code.

Certifications are a great way to keep up to date with new cloud technologies, expanding to new areas, as well as showcasing skills in a clear manner.

Make sure to take a look at my Credly and Microsoft Learn profiles.

Cloud Certifications


  • Extensive experience building and operating Data ingestion and ETL pipelines for multiple online games, providing BI data to the Analytics and Executive team.
  • Expertise with both SQL and NoSQL databases, as well as managed cloud offerings such as CosmosDB and DynamoDB.
  • Integrating Queues and Messaging systems, such as AWS SQS, Azure Service Bus and RabbitMQ, and implemented Data Streaming systems using AWS Kinesis and Azure Stream Analytics.
  • Big Data handling, storing large amount of data using Data Warehouse, Data Lakes and related offerings.


  • Deep knowledge of IAM and access policies on all major cloud providers.
  • Designing VPCs to isolate cloud resources and design the networking systems around it to provide safe and reliable access.
  • Managing and protecting secrets and credentials using KeyVault, Secrets Manager etc.
  • Extensive experience setting up relevant metrics, monitoring systems, and building dashboards for production and executive teams.
  • Setting up alerts, managing and taking part in On-Call rotations.


  • Setting up Budgets and Billing alerts to keep an eye on costs.
  • Performing Infrastructure reviews, ensuring the right resources are used, applying automatic scaling, and introducing reserved resources when it makes sense.
  • Working with providers to negotiate reserved resources and enterprise plans.
  • Setting up and managing organisations and subscriptions to ensure roles are granted following Least Privilege principle, to avoid billing surprises.


  • Designing and implementing CI/CD deployments pipelines using Azure DevOps, Jenkins and TeamCity.
  • Building infrastructure Stress and Load Tests, and integrating them into the deployment pipelines.
  • Managing multiple environment, ensuring all resources and secrets are properly isolated.