Title: An Oath to the Stars

Company: Himeki Games

Role: Game Director, Designer, Programmer

Platform: Steam, Windows, Mac, Linux

I've created and directed An Oath to the Stars, a hardcore Danmaku SHMUP, covering all phases of development from concept and prototyping to release on multiple platforms.

I was responsible for direction, production, programming and game design, and I also formed and managed a small team to cover all the other areas. 



  • Developed using Unity 5 and C#, later updated to Unity 2017+
  • Developed in-game UIs using uGUI
  • Implemented input support for all major gamepads, touch and keyboard, using Rewired Input System
  • Used Git & SourceTree for Version Control
  • Steamworks integration, including Leaderboards, Achievements, and Cloud Saves
  • In-house localisation system, later open-sourced on Github
  • Implemented advanced audio features using Fabric
  • Custom batched build system built inside Unity, also open-sourced on Github