Title: CatchPhrase

Client: Fusebox Games

Role: Freelance Unity Developer

Platform: iOS, Android, Amazon Store

I was hired to implement new features, fix bugs and improve performance to prepare the game for release on all platforms.

My responsibilities included:

  • Developing new game features using Unity 5 and C#.
  • Implementing and maintaining various third-party SDKs and libraries, including DeltaDNA, SmartAds, Unity IAP, HelpShift, and GooglePlay libs.
  • Various UI changes and improvements, using uGUI.
  • Implemented dynamic episodes loading from an AWS S3 bucket, letting designers add and remove episodes with no dev work required.
  • Prepared releases on all mobile platforms and stores.
  • Build size reduction and Memory usage optimisations.
  • Bug-fixing.


CatchPhrase - iOS Store Page

CatchPhrase - Android Store Page