Farm Heroes Saga

Title: Farm Heroes Saga

Company: King

Role: Game Developer

Platform: Android, iOS, Amazon, Facebook, Web (Flash)

I worked on Farm Heroes Saga, currently on the Top-5 games on App Store, Google Play and Facebook. Developing on a multi-language, multi-platform project, taking into account the different requirements of each platform and device while working on a shared codebase.

My responsibilities included:

  • Developing the mobile app in C++ and the Facebook client using Flash, communicating with a shared Java back-end
  • Working with designers to create new game elements, powerups and blockers, creating prototypes and quickly iterating between different ideas
  • Maintaining a shared codebase and libraries supporting multiple games and platforms between different studios
  • Interviewing candidates and reviewing programming tests. On-boarding and coaching new joiners in the studio

Technologies Used

  • Flash and AS3
  • C++ development on a in-house engine
  • Continuous integration (CI) via Jenkins
  • SVN and Mercurial