Here you'll find a quick overview of my skills, past work experiences and resources. I strongly prefer remote work and I have extensive experience working with remote teams, but I'm also available for onsite work for the right projects.

I'm very flexible with timings, schedule and time-zones. I can do small jobs or take over entire projects. Make sure to also check my Portfolio to get more info about the projects I've worked on.

Feel free to contact me at


  • Game Engines: Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Phaser 2 & 3, Cocos2d & Cocos2d-x, XNA, Flash & Flex
  • Programming Languages: C#, C/C++, Objective-C, Javascript, Java, ActionScript 2/3 & MXML, LUA, Python
  • Developed and published games on: Steam, iPhone & Ipad, Android, Linux, Windows 10 & UWP, Facebook Web & Instant Games, Amazon Store, Tizen, MacOS
  • Agile Development using Scrum and Kanban



  • 2D and 3D Development
  • UI - NGUI, Unity 4.6 GUI (uGUI), old Unity GUI
  • Unity Networking - High Level and Transport Layer APIs
  • Ads Integration - Unity Ads, DeltaDNA SmartAds
  • IAP integration
  • Shaders, ShaderLab
  • Steamworks SDK - Leaderboards, achievements, Cloud Saves, Stats, Friends
  • AI: Steering Behaviour, NPC, autonomous systems, navigation
  • Analytics - Unity Analytics, DeltaDNA
  • Input - Unity Input Manager, Rewired Input Manager
  • Audio - Unity audio, SoundManager Pro, Fabric
  • SDK integration and updates - Prime31, Facebook, Twitter, ChartBoost
  • Social Features - Achievements, Leaderboards
  • Device deployments - XCode, Google Play dashboard and more
  • Optimisation - Build Size reduction, Performance improvements, Device compatibility improvements
  • Debugging - Crash Reporting

Also experience with:

  • Version Control System - Git, Mercurial, SVN, Unity Collaborate
  • Agile Development, Scrum, Kanban
  • Continuous Integration (CI) - Jenkins setup, Unity Cloud builds
  • Code reviews - Fisheye and Crucible


  • VR-Ready hi-spec PC with Windows 10

  • Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers

  • Latest Samsung Gear VR with Motion Controller

  • Many Android devices for deployment and testing

  • Macbook Pro for iOS development and deployment
  • Tobii EyeX Eye Tracker
  • iPad Mini 4 and other iOS devices


Feel free to contact me at